Traditional Chinese desserts with a variety of filling, frozen produce without added preservatives. Great addition of chewy dough texture with sweet fillings.

  • Naturally pigmented tang yuan made up of assorted fun colours along with your favourite filling flavours!

    Differentiating flavours is so much easier now with various colours of chewy dough that are made of natural ingredients.

    Net weight:

    200g (10 pieces x 20g) per packet


    Keep Frozen (-18°C)

    Cooking Instructions:

    1. Remove rice ball from the freezer, do not thaw.
    2. Lower rice ball into boiling water. Push rice ball with the back of ladle constantly to prevent sticking.
    3. Boil at high flame for 4 minutes, rice ball floats, reduce the flame to medium and boil for additional 3 minutes.
    4. Ready to serve.

    Serving suggestions:

    Rice balls may be added to sweet soups or desserts.

    (Eg. Traditional sweet soup, Oatmeal dessert, Peanut soup, coconut-coated or peanut-coated etc.)

    Other Information:

    Suitable for Vegetarian, Tasty Singapore, ISO22000, Halal-Certified


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