Our VietJoy's Sunset Fruit Jelly is a meticulously crafted combination of light sweetness and tarness from apple, white guava and blackcurrant, accompainied by creamy gac fruit and fragrant soursop leaf tea. 

This unique blend, made from naturally grown fruits from Vietnam, is perfect boost to rejuvenate your body after a long day of work with a serving of fruits

  • Sunset Fruit Jelly is made from Soursop leaf tea, fruit juice (guava, apple, black and white juice) and Gac puree. These are good and healthy ingredients, replacing fresh fruits to bring an attractive flavor to the taste of the original fruit.

    The composition of gac fruit contains vitamin A, so it is good for eyes health, anti-aging and improve skin elasticity.

    Besides products with fiber and chia seeds, this product is low in sugar and can be considered "healthy snack".

    Each jelly pack is individually packaged, convenient to use during working hours or lessons



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