A series that is made from 100% natural ingredients packed with super freshness and taste. It is indivisually packed for convenience, no preservatives, colourants and addititves added. Made up of Vietnam’s unique fruit and vegetables products such as Guava Leaf, Roselle Flower, Moringa Leaf, Mulberry Leaf, Noni Fruit and Soursop Leaf Tea.

Mulberry Leaf Tea gives a satisfying light an smooth taste with refreshing aroma. Brighten up with this refreshing infusion that offers a rich and bright flavour.

  • - INGREDIENT: 100% natural mulberry leaf
    STORAGE: keep in dry place, advoid direct sunlight.


    - Consumption of mulberries may be a way to boost your health. The mulberry leaf tea provide its own unique set of health benefits:

         + Rich source of antioxidant (Beta-carotene & ascorbic acid) and  minerals (Zinc, iron, calcium)
         +  Anti-inflammatory
         +  Lowers blood cholesterol
         +  Reduce blood sugar
         +  Alleviates cold symptoms


    - Put one tea bag into a cup, pour 150 – 250ml of boiling water.
    - Wait 3-5 minutes, dip the tea bag few times.
    - A delicious cup of tea is ready to serve hot or cold, add sugar to your taste.

    *The above comparison was made from data taken exclusively from the USDA nutrient Database [1]. Other food nutrient databases report significantly higher levels of vitamins and minerals in report.


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